Why Your Business Needs More Than a Logo


There’s two ways to look at branding: as an expense or as an investment. Recently, I’ve been noticing businesses that don’t see the value in branding and want JUST a logo created, with nothing to do with the rest of the brand. So why does branding matter?

A beautiful, memorable logo is vital for identification purposes. But, branding is so much MORE than a nice logo! It’s a complete design experience that includes a logo + color scheme + typography + photography + online presence + tone of voice + more. When these individual elements are used consistently, your product/business WILL stand out from the competition.

Branding Packages vs. Premade Logos

As a designer, I can see SO MANY benefits to investing in an entire branding package versus just a premade logo (yes, even if you’re just starting out!). I want to dig deep into your goals and create something unique and beautiful that will represent YOU and make your business flourish! I create all branding designs with this purpose in mind. (More on this below!)

There won’t be as much (if any) thought that goes into a premade logo design. The designer probably won’t strategize with you or take your ideal customer into account. Just purchasing a logo means that you won’t have a consistent color scheme, typography suite, or any marketing materials that match your logo. This can decrease your businesses credibility.

Branding Promotes Recognition

Branding helps your business be recognized among the competition. We are all trying to stand out in saturated markets. What makes your business memorable? Your branding needs showcase to showcase that! Are the marketing materials you use to promote your business representing your vision and goals? Every touchpoint that meets your customer should share your brand’s unique voice.

Branding Brings Business 

Branding connects you with your audience and draws in the right type of clients. Your designer will dig deep through the use of color and typography to make your branding appeal to these ideal customers. Over time, these consumers will recognize and internalize your brand’s image and be more likely to purchase. 

A potential lead to choosing to work with you over another business comes from your branding. If your vision resonates strongly with consumers, they will bring business your way.

Branding Builds Trust

Have you ever not purchased from a business simply because they didn’t look trustworthy? Most of this distrust probably came from the feeling you had from their branding. Relationships with brands are built and maintained on trust. Customers look at your branding every day and decide whether or not they will trust and purchase from you. Creating a consistent, professional look across your logo, website, social networks and print collateral is an easy way to help build trust with customers.

Why I don’t design Logos without Branding

It makes me the most HAPPY to dig deep and get to know a business and the people behind it. I want to establish a relationship with my clients that can’t be made from putting together a quick logo. I want the businesses I design for to reach their full potential and feel confident in marketing themselves!

I know that getting a single logo designed may be tempting when you’re just starting out, especially if you’ve got a smaller budget. But, it won’t be best in the long run. Branding is an INVESTMENT that will open doors and bring in business for every business. 

To learn more about the individual elements in my branding packages, and why they matter, click here.


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