Client Spotlight: Rosy Rebellion


Rosy Rebellion is a new women’s clothing boutique in Utah! Kylie is from my hometown and I was so excited to hear about her new adventure and create her branding!

A lot of boutiques today are very hip & trendy, and many find that they don’t love the new clothing styles going around. (Me included!) Once the late adopters finally fall into styles, they are seemingly gone in stores. Thus, Rosy Rebellion was born! Kylie has a passion for piecing items together for the perfect outfit, and I can’t wait to browse through the shop when it’s open!

The name, Rosy Rebellion, comes from the shop’s offerings. Rosy symbolizes the cute, girly, and softer clothing items. The Rebellion styles are a little more harsh and edgy. Pair these two styles together makes the perfect outfit!

Rosy Rebellion can be found online and on Instagram! I hope you enjoy their branding design!

New Brand Post_Rosy-01-01.jpg
New Brand Post_Rosy-02.jpg
New Brand Post_Rosy-06.jpg
Rosy Rebellion_Moodboard-02.png