Frequently Asked Questions

So, you’re thinking of hiring a graphic designer - you’ve got an amazing idea, now you’re ready for it to look the part. While this can be a very exciting place to be, it can also be full of the unknown. Below is a list of common Q&A’s. As always, please reach out for more info!


What do I need to do before beginning design work?

Determine your design style, business goals, ideal customer, and what you’d like to gain from a new branding or website design. We’ll uncover a lot of this during the Creative Brief phase of the project, but having an idea of your goals will definitely help.


How do we get started?

After getting the go-ahead from you, I’ll send over an invoice for a deposit and schedule you on my calendar. You’ll receive my in-depth Creative Brief questionnaire to work on in the meantime!


What’s the average timeline for your packages?

My turnaround time ranges from 3-6 weeks depending on the design package. However, the client plays a huge roll in the speed of the design process since feedback must be provided along the way.


How much time is required of me?

After the Creative Brief homework, you will only be asked to collaborate and provide feedback on design drafts, send website content, and send final approval. Since I book my calendar in advance, I ask that you are able to be available and responsive during our time together!


What if I need more than two revisions to my design?

If we laid a solid foundation during the Creative Brief stage, only one or two edits are generally needed. However, if more are required, I charge a flat fee per additional draft.


How do payments work?

A deposit of $199 is required to book your date on my calendar and begin design work. (This will be put towards your chosen package price.) The remaining balance will be split into two payments, one when the logo is completed and one when the website is completed. Payment deadlines will be specified and agreed upon between designer and client before work begins.


What if I need more collateral items designed than what’s included in my package?

No problem! Other items are billed at a discounted rate and added to your package price.


Do you help with printing?

Although I don’t help with printing at this time, I highly recommend for printing collateral, and even have a referral coupon code to save you some cash!


Still have questions?

I’ve got answers.